Broncano Tells Of The Altercation With A Young Man In Middle Of Street Of Madrid

The comedian and presenter David Broncano surprised the viewers of La Resistencia last Thursday by revealing an unexpected anecdote to the singer Fito , who attended the program to talk about his latest musical projects.

As often happens in many of his interviews, the conversation also covered other more personal matters, and it was then that Broncano stunned the audience at the Teatro Príncipe Gran Vía and the guest when he recounted an altercation he had in the heart of Madrid.

“The other day I grabbed one by the neck , unintentionally,” said the presenter, to which Fito reacted: “That is not violence.” “That is not violence, it is learning,” Broncano reaffirmed, unable to contain his laughter.

The presenter then began to tell the facts: “I was going through the middle of the street, here in the center, and, suddenly, a boy came out. Later, I identified that it was a boy who was making hidden camera jokes. in a kind of flowerpot and came out suddenly . He is dressed like a bush, then he comes out and gives you a scare, “he recalled.

Broncano, who was looking at his cell phone at the time, reacted by grabbing his neck. “He jumped on me and gave me a scare and grabbed my neck, ” he justified himself then, claiming that this reaction could be due to the fact that he grew up “in a small town.”

The situation changed radically for the young man, Broncano continued to explain. “The kid went from giving me a scare to saying, ‘ Please let me go! Please! ‘

When the presenter was aware of what was happening, he apologized to the young man, who was honest with him: ” ‘I was going to give you a scare,’ he told me, and I: ‘Well, it has been mutual, we have enjoyed the two ‘”, Broncano concluded.

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