Beginnings Of Mamen Mendizábal, From The Hand Of Iñaki Gabilondo To Vice President Of FAPE

Mamen Mendizábal recently finished her most recognized stage as presenter of Better Later on La Sexta , but the journalist has a long career in the media behind her .

Its beginnings were marked by Iñaki Gabilondo when she was hired in Hoy por hoy on Cadena Ser after finishing her journalism degree at the Complutense University of Madrid .

Soon he began to have positions of responsibility in the radio , combining his first job with presenting Punto de fuga during the weekends.

In view of her success and ability, the chain made the decision that she would be the replacement for Gemma Nierga in La Ventana during the months that she was on maternity leave until January 2006.

In October 2004 the doors of the world of television were opened to her on the public network, an opportunity that the journalist did not want to reject and catapulted her into who she is today.

She was a presenter for 59 seconds until early 2006 when she made the leap to private television. With this format, she managed to gain a foothold as a mediator of debates and political news.

His claim was to make the two jobs compatible in both chains. However, the Board of Directors of RTVE ruled that it was “incompatible” and had to leave .

“From a business point of view it is not possible to continue promoting the image of a person who is going to the competition “, assured the directors of that moment of the public company.

This is how he began his greatest professional bet, entering the recently created chain, La Sexta , in 2006, presenting the news and the program Sexto Sentido .

Immediately all the spaces he directed began to function, so his niche within La Sexta grew. The chain focused on political content, and it was she in charge of presenting several informative programs , such as Scoop (2018) and Palo y astilla (2020), up to the documentary Viva la República .

During the electoral campaign and subsequent victory for Barack Obama in 2008, the Madrilenian was sent to the United States to cover the historic event that a black president arrived at the White House .

Also in 2008, she was elected vice president of the Federation of Associations of Journalists of Spain (FAPE), a position of relevance in which she was until 2010.

La Sexta began a new format that would cover the afternoons from Monday to Friday, analyzing the political news with a table of prominent collaborators, and decided to bet on Mamen Mendizábal to direct it .

This is how she began filming Better Later in 2012, a space that has given her great relevance in the world of Spanish political journalism as a communicator and interviewer.

Her facet as a writer is shared with authors such as César Carballo, José María Gay de Liébana, Yayo Herrero and Ainara Zubillaga in the book they published in 2020, Adelante: There is only the future. And it’s ours .

The journalists Cristina Pardo, Iñaki López and Mamen Mendizabal, on the set of ‘Better Later’.
During the summer of 2021, she announced that she was leaving her position as presenter on the program, since she herself has confessed that she demanded “many personal sacrifices” and wanted to “change the cycle . ”

This caused that the chain had to make a radical readjustment of almost all its programming and presenters of the spaces that they had at that time, something that, despite being risky, has ended up being beneficial.

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