Economy Considers That The Labor Reform Is ‘On Track’ With Agreement

The Secretary of State for the Economy, Gonzalo García Andrés, assured that the labor reform is “on track” and that it will be approved before the end of the year , predictably with an agreement.

A relevant appreciation after he held the first meeting on Wednesday with the Secretaries of State for Employment, Joaquín Pérez Rey, and the Secretaries of Social Security, Israel Arroyo, who make up the government troika in charge of coordinating negotiations with social agents. García Andrés pointed out during the analysis of the advanced CPI for October and the EPA for the third quarter that it is “the moment to undertake” the labor reform that has been “waiting for so long.”

The team of the first vice president, Nadia Calviño, will therefore actively participate in the last section of the social dialogue.

Every Tuesday there will be a meeting between the three secretaries of state, which will establish the line of government proposals; on Wednesday mornings businessmen and unions will discuss these proposals with the government delegation headed by the Secretary of State for Employment and the assistance of a general director of the Economy and another of Social Security ; and, on Wednesday afternoon, the troika of State Secretaries will meet again. In addition, the government group is open to the participation of members of other ministries depending on the topic to be discussed.

The Secretary of State for the Economy pointed out this Thursday that “we are in the decisive phase, an agreement will be reached and it will be signed before the end of the year. There is no change in the calendar,” he insisted and recalled the importance of said reform , since the Government acquired with Brussels the commitment to modernize the Spanish labor market in exchange for the disbursement of European funds for the recovery. The Ministry of Labor, employers and unions began the dialogue table on March 17 of this year.

García Andrés downplayed to the frictions of recent days between his ministry, socialist, and the Work, United can , and said the agreement between the two parties last Wednesday is “very normal within a coalition government “to” coordinate well the government’s position in a negotiation that is on track in terms of social dialogue. ”

“The commitment to the Government’s reform agenda is absolute and is being fulfilled (…). All the ministries are working. Economic Affairs as coordinator so that we comply with all the reforms and comply with them in terms of quality, in the agreed terms in the plan and in the terms that the Spanish economy needs, “he stressed.

Although he stressed that one of the priority objectives of the reform is to cut the temporary employment rate until it is in line with other EU countries, he did not value the measure presented by Trabajo to establish a 15% temporary limit in each company. “It is not a simple solution,” he explained, in the face of an entrenched problem in the Spanish economy.

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