SEPE Subsidy That Workers Who Have Not Contributed Enough Can Collect

The State Public Employment Service (SEPE) manages all unemployment benefits, of which one of the most important is the unemployment benefit, which in August received more than 744,000 people in our country.

This unemployment benefit has different modalities depending on the circumstances of the worker such as his age, if he has finished a prison sentence , if he has improved from a permanent disability , if he has returned to Spain after emigrating … and on the previous contribution of a worker before becoming unemployed.

In this specific case, it is called insufficient contributions subsidy , which is paid to workers who have not accumulated the necessary period (12 months) to collect unemployment, also known as contributory unemployment benefit.

As explained by the SEPE on its website , in order to collect this subsidy, a series of conditions must be met that must be proven both at the time of application for the benefit and for as long as it is received. Any non-compliance will make the citizen unable to collect the subsidy.

However, on occasions when the worker is unemployed and does not meet any of the conditions, the right to collect this subsidy may be kept for one year. If, within this period, you meet all the requirements, you will be able to receive the benefit.

The requirements to collect the subsidy
-Have a contribution of at least three months (with family responsibilities) or six months (without family responsibilities) and less than 12 months.

-Being unemployed or legally unemployed.

-Be registered as a job seeker in the SEPE.

-Sign the activity commitment.

-To be under 52 years old, since otherwise you can collect the subsidy for people over 52 years old .

-Do not have income higher than 75% of the Minimum Interprofessional Salary. From January to August this amount was 712.50 euros, but with the increase in the SMI since September it is 723.75 euros per month.

Like other subsidies, its amount is 451.92 euros per month , the amount corresponding to 80% of the Public Indicator of Multiple Effects Income (IPREM). As of 2022, this amount will increase after the 2.5% rise in the IPREM approved in the Budgets to be 463.21 euros per month.

The worker’s previous contribution and whether or not they have family responsibilities will determine the duration of the subsidy for insufficient contributions, leaving these cases:

-Without family dependents, the subsidy lasts six months.

-If you have family dependents, if you paid for three, four or five months, you will be entitled to three, four or five months of subsidy. If the contribution was made between six and eleven months, the subsidy may be collected up to a total of 21 months, in extendable periods of six months.

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