First Spanish Energy Company To Achieve Certification Of Compliance With UN SDGs

Factorenergia is the first Spanish energy company to achieve the CSR Management System certification aligned with the United Nations (UN) SDGs.

The certification obtained is the result of an extensive audit carried out by Bureau Veritas, which highlights Factorenergia’s deep commitment to SDG number 7, regarding Affordable and Clean Energy and also mentions the effort to promote SDGs regarding Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG number 8), Alliances to Achieve The Goals (SDG number 17) and Gender Equality (SDG number 5).

Since its foundation, Factorenergia has a firm commitment to sustainability, the environment and energy saving, which is reflected in the axes of its business model with the production and commercialization of renewable energies, the promotion of self-consumption and support for the electric vehicle.

The commitment to SDG number 7 on Affordable and Clean Energy consolidates the company’s trajectory in this area, which has always been a great promoter of savings, energy efficiency and the fight against climate change policies.

The extensive audit carried out by Bureau Veritas has verified the coherence, balance, reliability, accuracy and exhaustiveness of the information included in the Factorenergia sustainability report, which has finally achieved this certification, aware of the importance of assuming full responsibility for its actions in the environment and in society.

The audit also confirms that Factorenergia has evaluated its management, acquired commitments and established action plans, setting concrete measures to ensure and strengthen its alignment with the SDGs. During the process, Factorenergia has been advised by the corporate sustainability consultancy Planet Fair Play. By virtue of this certification issued by Bureau Veritas,

Social and environmental sustainability
In the words of Emilio Rousaud, CEO of Factorenergia: “We are especially proud to have obtained this recognition from the United Nations, since respect for the social and environmental sustainability of the planet is in the DNA of our company. In our corporate purpose always We have insisted on broadly promoting the criteria aligned with Affordable and Non-Pollutant Energy, placing aspects as relevant as renewable energies, self-consumption and the electric vehicle as the central axis of our business model. ”

According to Rousaud, “in addition, Factorenergia’s future strategies align its inspiration with the SDGs as an energy marketer, promoting electricity with green energy certification, growth in self-consumption solutions and entry into the renewable energy generation market” .

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