Best Vacuum Cleaners To Clean The House

New study in sight analyzing the different products on the market of the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU). In this case regarding portable electric vacuum cleaners , which are increasingly in demand, the institution wanted to assess the characteristics they provide as well as their comfort when cleaning the home.

In the midst of the fashion for robot vacuum cleaners and while conventional ones (sled) are gradually losing weight in the care of the home, broom vacuum cleaners are still one of the best purchase options. This is certified by the latest OCU study, highlighting their lightness, ease of movement and transport.

The latest models already with rechargeable batteries , some integrate a handheld vacuum cleaner to reach the most unreachable places for the broomstick. In addition, they take up very little space and given their characteristic of transport without a plug to the electrical network through, some are used to vacuum other places such as the car.

Regarding robot vacuum cleaners, the OCU emphasizes that brooms have more power and allow greater tasks
Of course, the OCU also wants to review that since they go by battery, their autonomy is limited as well as they usually take time to charge. Also less powerful compared to sleds, more compared to robots, although there are inexpensive models (for 50 euros), the most effective cost between 125 and 650 euros .

Given all these features, which must be looked at when choosing the best for a long period of time, since it is a product with a long useful life , the OCU is left with three models from leading companies in the sector:

– Dyson V7 Motorhead . Work of the brand that has most promoted broom vacuum cleaners, it weighs just over 2 kg, it has a handheld vacuum cleaner being capable of holes, furniture and upholstery. With power regulator, it also has vertical storage on the charging station. All for a price of around 295 euros , which leaves the product at a very good value for money.

– AEG CX8-2-80 . Another of the most prominent companies in the household appliances sector, its weight is around 3 kg. Of course, without the possibility of a handheld vacuum cleaner, it has a power regulator as well as the possibility of using a large rotating brush. Its price, around 300 euros .

– Dyson V8 Absolute . Again with the British multinational at the helm, this model is a little more expensive than the previous one (around 310 euros ) and has a little more weight, around 2.5 kilos. Also with a handheld vacuum cleaner to reach all surfaces, its power is a bit higher, which explains this slight price increase.

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