Wired Headphones Are Now In Fashion With Young People

An investigation reveals that wired headphones have recently been gaining traction among the youngest on social media such as TikTok.

For those of us who lived the inconveniences of cables, it may seem surprising, but the truth is that they never died. Audiophiles, for example, have never reneged on cable and preferred it to losing quality with a wireless connection; Although there are wireless headphones with high-quality codecs, such as the Technics AZ60 that we were able to test recently, that is not enough for many.

But according to research from Mashable , sound quality has nothing to do with this resurgence of wired headphones; and it is more a question of image and appearances . On TikTok, the favorite network of young people, they are progressively replacing the most desired models, such as AirPods.

The most popular personalities of the social network are much to blame for this trend. The actress and model Lily Rose Depp has been one of the pioneers in recovering the cables, with the intention of giving a carefree and to some extent, careless image. In reality, every piece and accessory that you wear has been studied, but by using wired headphones, it gives the feeling that you have caught the first thing you saw, because you do not have the time or desire to do anything else. It’s a message that penetrates your audience, and wired headphones are details that are immediately captured and imitated.

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They don’t even have to be good headphones; but it is evident that many use Earpods like those that Apple gave with the iPhone (and that it has yet to include in France ). In many cases, they cost no more than 30 euros. Wired headphones are already viewed by some accounts as “a vintage accessory , ” and videos covering these devices garner millions of views.

This sudden popularity of classic headphones may affect one of Apple’s latest releases, the new AirPods 3 . Although in recent years they have been the most desired to show off, according to the young people interviewed, now they give an obsolete image, and associate it with the “tech Bros” and a culture that they hate and from which they want to flee.

Who knows, maybe if things continue like this, Apple will have to recover the 3.5 mm audio jack on the iPhone, in the same way that it has recovered the ports of the new MacBook Pro .

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