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When it comes to the ladies, Tom Cruise has always been number one. Rumors circulated that the actor, who has been married three times and is currently unmarried, was seeing his Top Gun co-star, Hayley Atwell.

Since his split from ex-wife Katie Holmes, the Top Gun actor has kept quiet about his relationship status.

Cruise has been silent about his rumoredd relationship with Atwell  Reportedly breaking up in September 2021, the couple got back together and stayed together till they finally called it quits a year later.

The Sun claimed in July that Atwell was dating producer Wolfgang Kelly.

Do Cruise and his mystery woman have anything going on, or does he prefer to be on his own  Find out who Tom Cruise is dating right now by reading this.

To whom does Tom Cruise devote his romantic energies?

Cruise’s romantic life is still unknown  Although he has been linked to other females since his split from Holmes, the actor has remained tight-lipped about any of them.

A 40-year-old Hayley Atwell, his Top Gun co-star, was his lastrumoreded love . The relationship between the two appears to be a roller coaster, with the couple supposedly breaking up in September 2021, getting back together, annally calling it quits.

The Sun claimed in July 2022 that Atwell had “dumped” Cruise for self-proclaimed pagan and producer Ned Wolfgang  elly. Someone close to Hayley commented, “Hayley’s delight is evident on her face right The.  complypeaker saisaidhatothe ment ethe eventr excthe eptionally extrereregional andaisaSundaySun on Sunday source confirmed that Cruise and Atwell were dating in another rep rt. They said, “There was nothing fake about Tom and Hayley’s romance.” This was never doneoof  persistentors    tostrumorsours to t, , ita it Unfortunately, it hasn’t been su cessful for them. They get along great and have great chemistry, so they decided to give their relationship a second go behind closed door  early trealized.theirw theyrealizedised they’re better off as friends, you say.

Has Tom Cruise tied the knot?

Though he has been married three times before, C uise is now single. Following his 2012 divorce from Holmes, the 59-year-old actor has not remarried.

Some of his ex-wives and the circumstances of their divorces are listed below.

Mia Rogers

First married in 1987, Mimi Rogers (Lost in Space, Austin Powers) was Cruise’s first high-profile partner.

Before getting married, he had already established himself as a prominent actor with roles in films like Risky B siness and Top Gun. According to reportinitially brought one initiallyally brought C uise to Scientology. Her family has ties to t e church’s founding. Their brief marriage ended in divorce in beautifulle there have beautifbeautifullyrts to our marriage, there were some difficultthathich could not be resolved even after working on them folonstatemestatement pair wrote in a statement announcing their split.

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Rogers, however, stated that “Tom was genuinely thinking of becoming a monk” in a 19 3 interview with Playsspiritualnessike marriage wouldn’t serve h  spiwhiandfanrfor a wh,iwhilwas ole Cruis,eKim   future  mattericole Ki,dman just two days after the divorce was finalized.

Nicole Kidman

After meeting on the set of Days of Thunder, Cruise wed actress Nicole Kidman (The Northman, Moulin Rouge) in December 1990.

After 11 years together, they started a family by adopting Isabella, now 29, and Connor, now 27. Using the grounds of irreconcilable differences, Cruise filed for divorce from his wife in February 2001 and was ultimately awarded sole custody of their two children.

Kidman addressed the split in an interview with DuJour Magazine, saying: “Our relationship seemed  deal to me at the time. It was a very lengthy pro ess of recovery for me. It came as such a shock to me.”

The Katie Holmes Hypothesis

As his third and most current spouse, star Katie Holmes was a big part of Cruise’s life (Batman Begins).

In 2005, Cruise publicly announced the affair to the world by leaping up and down on the sofa during an appearance on Oprah. Suri was born itied not 2006, and the couple tied the knot in  ovember of the same year. In 2012, Holmes received sole custody of their daughter Suri when her  arents filed for divorce. Reportedly, Cruise and his younger daughter have become apart in recent years.

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