Sun Protection Products Sales to Spectate Uptick Amid COVID-19 Outbreak; Demand to Prevail Post Pandemic

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has resulted in many advantages and disadvantages for companies in the Sun Protection Products market. Research report of this Sun Protection Products market is highlights key strategies that can help reduce the impact of COVID-19 on diverse business practices.

Analysts of Fact.MR, in a recently published market study, shares important factors that are expected to shape the growth of the Sun Protection Products market over the forecast period (20XX-20XX). The current trends, market drivers, strategic collaborations, and threats are thoroughly evaluated to provide a clear understanding of the current market landscape and the course the Sun Protection Products market is likely to take over the upcoming decade.

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According to the report, the Sun Protection Products market is poised to register a CAGR growth of ~XX% throughout the forecast period owing to several key factors including growing investments in the Sun Protection Products space, innovations with a rise in the number of research and development projects. Fact.MR excels in latest research techniques while curating the market study and gather data from credible and trusted primary and secondary sources.

Important doubts pertaining to the Sun Protection Products market addressed in the report:

  1. What are the different micro and macro-economic factors that are expected to influence the growth of the Sun Protection Products market in region 1?
  2. Why is the market attractiveness for end-use 1 in region 3?
  3. What are the latest developments and strategic allainces in the Sun Protection Products market?
  4. What is the key trends and opportunities that can be observed in the current Sun Protection Products market landscape?
  5. How are market players adapting to evolving regulatory policies?

The Sun Protection Products market study provides a detailed understanding of the major players operating in the Sun Protection Products market. Some of the leading players discussed

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Sun Protection Products market segments covered in the report:

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Key Growth Influencers – Sun Protection Products Market

  • The Continued Quest for UV Protection

Increasing awareness among consumers about the harmful effects of UV-rays and growing concern about premature aging, skin cancer and other UV-related skin disorders is fueling the demand for sun protection products at a greater extent. The sun protection products market is expected to grow significantly with the rising need for protection from intense UV-rays and sunburn, especially in the regions with higher exposer of UV-rays.

Consumer expectations regarding the added advantages of these products are driving manufacturers to produce innovative and multifunctional sun protection products. Sun protection products with added benefits and features, such as skin nourishment, redness reduction, spot removing, moisturizing and anti-aging are expected to gain more popularity in the forecast period.

  • Growing Demand for Products with Natural & Organic Ingredients

The popularity of organic and naturally made personal care products is increasing across the globe. The sun protection products are no exception as the demand for raspberry seed oil, wheat germ oil, hazelnut oil and carrot seed oil-based sun protection products are rising. Preferences on organic and naturally derived products are likely to drive the sun protection product market.

Government is imposing varied regulations on sun protection products to ensure the safety of consumers. The presence of cheap and low-quality products may adversely affect the skin instead of protecting it. The government has developed various standards that are to be complied by all the manufacturers. Market players are focusing on targeting specific consumer base, and emphasizing on providing customized products based on the millennial requirement. Many regions have raised issues regarding the concerns about threat to the coral reefs from sun protection products and have taken various initiatives to control and monitor the use of conventional chemicals. The pull towards organic sun protection products is a significant trend towards the sustainability of the environment and is therefore attracting a number of end users.

Further, even though sun protection products can efficiently protect the skin from hazardous UV radiations, consumers with sensitive skin can get easily affected by harsh chemicals used in these products. Chemicals, such as oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate and octocrylene are commonly used in sun protection products, which can affect consumers with sensitive skin by causing skin irritation and allergies. Excessive use of harmful chemicals leading to development of skin allergies can hamper the consumer base for global sun protection products market. Manufacturers have an opportunity to produce organic sun protection products, which will drive the overall market significantly.

Growing Focus on R&D

In sun protection products market, some market players are focused on attracting specific consumer base and conducting rigorous R&D about perfecting their product formation to suit the target consumers’ skin type. Companies have also launched various types of packaging that suits consumers’ needs. Among others, the stick packaging type is trending amongst millennials.

With widespread availability of a wide variety of product types and forms in the sun protection products market, smaller players are noticing the market opportunity and are targeting towards providing products at a lower price range to best suit the needs of the developing markets, which have a high proportion of low-income groups.

sun protection products market penetration assesment

Additional Insight on Sun Protection Products Market

‘South Asia-East Asia-Oceania’ – The Lucrative Cluster

Europe, North America, and Latin America continue to represent the key markets for sun protection products sales. Europe, despite being a high market maturity region, will continue to thrive at a promising rate through the next decade. The ‘South Asia-East Asia-Oceania’ cluster, with ~47% revenue shares, is however developing a stronger market outlook for stakeholders in the sun protection products industry. The growth of sun protection products market in Latin America and Middle East & Africa has been surprisingly healthy over the recent past, and will continue to reflect high attractiveness over the years to come.

Research Methodology

This Fact.MR study is the result of an exhaustive primary and secondary research, which delivers ample insightful information on the historic, current, and futuristic state of the industry, covering the global sun protection products market. The combined research offers comprehensive insights based on our industry-based intelligence, which provides deep-dive information about the multiple aspects related to the global sun protection products market over the forecast period of 10 years, 2019-2029. Our two-step research methodology and a unique approach combine to craft a valued report that includes actionable insights on product categories, pricing structure, innovations, trends, opportunities, market challenges, and competitive developments.

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Comprehensive SWOT analysis of established market players is provided in the report along with critical data including the sales strategy, marketing strategy and pricing strategy adopted by each market player.

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Key takeaways that add value to our client’s business needs?

  • Comprehensive analysis of the various market segments and sub-segments
  • In-depth assessment of the competitive landscape of the Sun Protection Products market
  • Information related to recent business expansions, technological advances, and more
  • Scope for market growth in different regional markets
  • Key insights related to the impact of government policies on the Sun Protection Products market worldwide